Master & Dynamic is a New York City-based, premium audio company obsessed with sound and creativity.

We believe mastery is a never-ending exploration requiring a dynamic approach. Sound is a catalyst and a powerful creative element.

We see our headphones as modern thinking caps: tools to help focus, inspire and transport your mind. We build sound tools for creative minds.

Designed for Decades of Use

We engineer our products to last, utilizing heavy-duty materials such as premium leathers and stainless steel. We design our parts to be easily replaceable, ensuring that our headphones continue to perform with precision for decades to come.

Appointed with the Finest Materials

We build our products using only the finest and most durable luxury materials, maintaining the perfect balance of aesthetics, strength, comfort and utility.

Tuned for a Rich, Warm Sound

We sought a natural, detailed, live sound signature for our headphones. Our expansive soundscape captures the detail that well recorded music has to offer. Our tuning was designed to complement a diversity of tastes and musical genres.

Complemented by Functional Details

We carefully crafted all the essential functions and practical details into our designs, from the easily replaceable parts to separating the microphone from the remote for increased vocal clarity.

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