“Ten out of ten”

“Extreme attention to detail, a beautiful e-commerce platform, and, of course, high-quality sound.”

"This is simply one of the most gorgeous pairs of on-ear headphones on the market today."

"...extremely portable, sound very good, look sleek, and are well-built – the Master & Dynamic ME03 earphones are an excellent choice."

“Master & Dynamics' new MH40 headphones are mature and classy, and feel great when they're on.”

“They've created a top-of-the-line product that delivers on its claims.”

"With the combination of that great sound and look, I think these are a must have."

“Most beautiful and comfortable headphones we’ve tried in a long while.”

"These headphones feel perfectly sonically balanced"

"Master and Dynamic's MW60s are a stellar mix of style and sound"

“So what would you rather do? Blend in or stand out? We say live a little, go for the latter.”

“From a visual perspective, Master & Dynamic headsets channel the aesthetic of an old-timey radio--thanks to grills on the ears and a leather and metal combination (no plastic).”

“With their particular brand of sound (which has received only positive reviews), it satisfies the audiophile and the gadget geek.”

"'ll experience your tunes like never before with deep bass and crisp highs."

“The MH40 do give off a warm, live sound; it is nuanced, smooth, and punchy where needed.”

"A strong replacement to your white iphone ear buds. Do it."

“Master & Dynamic set out to create sound tools that combined great audio technology with refined, mid-century industrial design.”

"...the ME05 earphones... play to their strengths of unparalleled craftsmanship, superior aesthetic design, and first-class audio capabilities."

“Hands down, the best wireless cans you can put on your ears in 2017."

“With its recent launch comes a new line of expertly-crafted audio 'thinking caps'."

“The hunky aluminum and stainless steel ear cups, and real lambskin covered ear pads have bona-fide high-end look and feel.”

“The answer was: fantastic.”

"The brown lambskin-wrapped ear cups look luxurious, but they also serve to create a comfortable seal with excellent passive noise–blocking."

“The over-ear MH40 model was made with the creative space in mind. It keeps external noise out, your tunes sealed in, and displays a sleek yet heavy duty design that features some serious hardware.”

"With heavy grain leather and stainless-steel components, they have a sleek, urbane look."

“Every aspect is luxurious, including its sound signature, earning it our Editors' Choice award.”

“Accurate, rich, crisp sound signature. Luxurious materials and comfortable, classic design.”

"A sleek set of earbuds"

“You are treated to headphones that feel solid, but not overly heavy, and a sound profile that...actually could be described similarly.”

“It was designed to look and feel as important and professional as any other piece of hardware in your workspace”

“If you're simply looking for great sound quality, Master & Dynamic MH40 Headphones have you covered.”

“They look stunning and have the sound quality to match."

"Big, brassy, ballsy—that's the aesthetic New York-based Master & Dynamic chose for its new high-end earbuds."

“The over-ear MH40s are the company’s first flagship model, and unlike similarly priced headphones, you’ll find no plastic here.”

"...Top-shelf sound, supreme comfort, dramatic isolation, excellent craftsmanship."

"Simply put, there is no better wireless headphone."

“[ME05 has] top-shelf sound, supreme comfort, dramatic isolation, excellent craftsmanship."

“Performance [of the MW50 is] like a fancy over-ear headphone except these things are smaller, lighter, more comfortable and wireless."

“Finally, a pair of headphones designed for startup maniacs pulling extra-long hours.”


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